GWA International Travel & Cruises' Story:



The story behind my passion began over 40 years ago when I was employed by several airlines as a ticket agent. I saw the need to serve my community by curating affordable travel accommodations due to constantly observing the unfair treatment that our community received when they came to the ticket counter. The disparities between the pricing offered to people of color versus that of individuals of European decent was really disheartening, as we were over charged on every level. We work just as hard for our money as everyone else so why should we continually be mistreated and taken advantage of? 

I committed in my heart that I would study and gain knowledge to start my own travel agency and provide fair pricing for our community along with top-notch service. I was the first Africa-American tour operator in Lauderhill Florida and received public notoriety for this achievement.

Owner / CEO

Dr. Lorenzo Lee